Hope "Valkyrie" Lockheart

Dynamic Soldier


Attribute: Agility d10, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting d10, Knowledge (Law) d4, Athletics d6, Notice d6, Persuasion d4, Shooting d10
Cha: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 8; Toughness:7/13
Hindrances: Vengeful(Minor), Stubborn (Minor), Heroic (Major)
Edges: Geared Up

Physical Description:

Portrayed by Kristanna Loken


Hope Lockheart was born on the small plane of Canum, to Magistrate Theodore and Isabel Lockheart. She is the eldest child of her family, and thus was expected to follow in her fathers footsteps and run for Magistrate of Canum when Theodore’s 3rd 10 year term was over. She would have became the youngest woman to ever run for the position and was heavily favored, following her father’s extremely successful time in office. But when time of the election came to be, Hope was nowhere to be found.
Since a young age Hope always look to the deep green night that hangs in the starry night sky, and dream to be upon a ship full of strangers, on a path to adventure and the unsure. But her father had other plans. She was kept on a very strict schedule and attended endlessly, to make her the perfect candidate for office. One of those attendants was a Haccan named Garric, who was her “retainer”. Garric was a freelance merc before he came to work for the Lockhearts, and thus made many friends and even more stories though out his travels. He and Hope would often talk about his times aboard freighters fighting off pirates and the like. Hope was always entranced by Garric and aspired to have his life. During their time together Garric taught her how to fight in hand to hand combat and use plasma weapons to defend herself from attack. But eventually Hope mastered these skills and there was nothing more to be taught. SO hope decided this was the best time for her to leave this life and choose one for herself.
She convinced Garric to give her the contact information of his former allies so that she may train more and become even stronger. In the dead of night Garric snuck her out from the manor house they lived in to a small transporter ship that would take her off world. All Hope had was a bag full of money, a pistol at her side, and a dream to be something new.
Hope traveled the verse for awhile picking new skills from Garric’s friends. She learned how to wear power armor, how to fire a rifle and other heavy weapons, and she also learned how to use some explosives. But she never did stay in one place to long. That was until she meet Captain Arleigh Mitchell, another of Garric’s friends. Captain Mitchell taught Hope how to run a ship. How to take on crew and run a job, but Hope never did pick up on any of the skills he tried to pass on. But in the time she spent with him, she became enamored with the way he carried himself and wanted to learn more about this man and his past. So she decided to stay with him and be his “fist” when ever force was necessary.

Hope "Valkyrie" Lockheart

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