Kara Rowan

Hi-Tech Militant Officer


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting d6, Intimidation d6, Knowledge (Battle) d6, Knowledge (Electronics) d6, Medicine d4, Notice d6, Pilot d4+2, Repair d6, Shooting d8, Stealth d4
Cha: -; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 12(6)
Hindrances: Code of Honor (Major), Loyal (Minor), Cautious (Minor), Light Sensitivity (Racial).
Edges: Low-Light Vision, Command, Squad Leader.
Gear: Arc-1 Typhoon (Laser Submachinegun), Exo-Cynar Gungnir (Gyrojet Pistol), Combat Vest and Helmet, Commlink, Medi-gel (8 uses) 8 Gyrojet Rocket rounds, 10 Gyrojet AP rounds, 10 Gyrojet Heatseeking rounds.

1st Advance: Raise Agility to d8
2nd Advance: Raise Shooting to d8 and Fighting to d6

Physical Description:

Portrayed by Tatiana Maslany


From the earliest she can remember, Kara Ellara Rowan had wanted to leave Morgause. Raised in the sprawling slums of Cathitan City, amidst smugglers, slavers and rogues of every sort, she strived for more. Looking around at all the different races and people of her community she realized that while she may never be the strongest or fastest, she had the capacity to be the smartest and that would be her way out. Buried under the scum of the city were some really good people, she sought these individuals out and supplemented her general education with their tutelage. Each “tutor” had their own speciality that they were glad to teach her and as a group they helped to mold her into the formidable young woman they expected her to be. This is where she formed her plan to get off of her homeworld, she would get a recommendation to the The Institute on Primor, make enough credits to attend and then join a military organization.
Being that she is a fastidious and tenacious person Kara had no problem acquiring a recommendation and scrimping and saving enough money to get her in the door. She would miss the people that helped her get to her goal, but they wanted this for her as much as she did, so she said her good-byes and made her way to university. Immediately she saw that this new environment would take some time to get used to, most of her classmates being from affluent families or military legacies she stood out. What is one to do when you are an outsider and alone? You find more outsiders, thereby solving one problem. Kara made friends with the outcasts and the unwanted, Julian Marley was one such student. Bringing together these “dregs” she had inadvertently created a support system, not just for her but for these others as well. The years at The Institute were few, but they were happy. Kara and the Dregs, as they had proudly adopted as their moniker, excelled into being some of the best students at the academy, where one was weak another soared, and in so doing supported and helped the weaker. Graduation day came quicker than she’d have ever expected and she would leave behind what had been up to now the greatest days of her life. As she left The Institute she left knowing that she may never see her friends again or if she did it may be on the wrong side of a battlefield, that is all but Julian. During her enrollment Julian and her had grown to be closer than even the rest of her group, and now they were inseparable he was determined to follow her wherever she went. Love had blinded them both.
They sent out resumes to every military organization and faction that they felt good about working for, and unfortunately they were mostly rejected. There was one small mercenary company that agreed to accept them both, The Corsairs. The Corsairs had a little in the way of resources to speak of but what they did have was a dreadnaught and Cyrus Morgan, their commander and a military paragon. Military life suited Kara, the structures and rules fit over and around her like a comforting blanket, Julian argued it was more like a collar. They both started from the lowest ranks of officers, and as such were not given much command. Kara put her all into her duties and proved herself a capable officer and an intelligent woman, and her CO’s all saw this in her. She was taught to operate the MS-07B Gouf Walker and was put in control of many of the mechanized soldiers at the companies disposal, after expressing an intense interest and curiosity for all things robotic. Her hard work and tenacity culminated in her command at the battle of Maraiwo, she was platoon leader and MCO (Mechanized Commanding Officer), putting 100 troopers under her direct command. Her platoon was pivotal in the retaking of the planet from Zan Gueld, a rogue Winnu who had formerly been the Deputized Governor appointed by MPI (Martell Planetary Industry). While in the thickest of the battles and at the crux of each turn, her platoon suffered the least severe casualties of the battle. Recognized and rewarded for her role she was promoted to captain, this was the final straw for her relationship with Julian. Resenting her promotions and chafing under the distance that had grown between them as she went from one of a group of outsiders to “a cog in the machine” according to him. The ending of their romance was messy and brought to her eyes the type of person Julian truly was, it also illuminated a section of their organization that had before gone unnoticed to Kara.
After noticing it, Kara couldn’t avoid seeing it everywhere. The small meetings in out of the way places, the nearly imperceptible eye contact between certain people, and the way that certain people were treated all drew her attention. She petitioned her CO for permission to investigate what was going on after her suspicions had been raised, he denied her request but she had already begun looking into it. One of her first discoveries was that her CO was a member of whatever this was and that it was way more extensive than she had originally thought. She took what she had to the only person she could be sure of, Cyrus Morgan. He accepted what she said and told her he had his own investigation into the same thing going but was unaware that it was so widespread. Over the next months they met in secret and tried to recruit more people to find out how deep this conspiracy went and what was its intent. No more relaxation and easy times were had by Kara she was deeply embroiled in something she was not ready to handle. The attack came while in the Macheh System even with the knowledge they had gathered Kara and her allies were surprised by the violence and organization of the attack. Cyrus and Kara fought their way to the escape pods as “Lightning”, the dreadnaught, was taken over and they had made it there when confronted by Julian himself. He accused Kara of sleeping her way up the ranks and Cyrus of being an elitist, before he attacked with his group of thugs. They both escaped but not before Cyrus was gravely injured, he pushed a data drive into her hands and told her to go alone on the escape pod. “They will pursue if I go, but you alone can make it. Take this and find a man I trust more than I’ve ever trusted anyone. His name is Mitchell and you’ll find him in the seediest spots in the galaxy, just put out feelers and he will find you. Tell him what happened, tell him it’s sooner than I thought and give him the drive he will know what to do with it.” That was the last thing he said before the door shut and she shot of into space.
It was almost a year of traveling from one dive to the next before she found him, or to be more precise he found her. He took the drive, her story and all she had to say without a change in expression. The next thing she knew she was caught up in a new world called “Shangri-La”, he hired her as first mate and put her to work right away. She signed on when it was just Captain Mitchell and Scraps, and has seen the crew grow from that over the past four years. While not what she had envisioned when trying to escape from Cathitan City, she likes the crew and her position on the ship, if only she could get a little more current tech on board.

Kara Rowan

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