Character Creation


“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

-William Shakespear

Shangri-La is more than just a ship, she’s the home of a group of wayward travelers, seeking fame, fortune and freedom amongst the stars. They are a varied lot, each bringing forth a unique array of skills and talents as well as their own individual desires and goals.

Your journey through the vast reaches of the Imperium begins here. Below are the guidelines for creating your character. For rules on creating characters, see pg. 16 SWD.

  • All characters begin at Novice level.
  • See the Savage Worlds Races section for a complete list of non-human options.
  • Be sure to check the Skills, Edges and Hindrances sections for a detailed list of changes and additional options.
  • Each player begins with $1000 starting funds. Players should use both the SWD and SFC for making selections.
  • The party must consist of at least 2 females and 3 non-humans.
Craig Female Letnev
Colin Female Human
Sean Male Hacan
Jacob Male Saar
Tyler Male Human
Josh Male Human

Bonus Option

Players may earn extra points for creating characters by fulfilling certain criteria prior to the first game session. These points function exactly the same as the points received by taking hindrances during character creation.

  • 2 Points: Create a Character Page on this site complete with a backstory and optional character portrait (some alien characters will use stock pictures).

Note : Character backgrounds should include general origin story information, as well as an account of how they came to be on the Shangri-La.

Additional Points

For winning the Favorite Character Award from The Remnants campaign, Craig receives 2 additional character creation points.

For winning the Favorite Character Runner Up from The Remnants campaign, Josh receives 1 additional character creation point.

Your Role on the Ship

What strength or talent do you bring to the team? Are you a gunslinging outlaw, a tech savvy hacker, or a debonair scoundrel? The Shangri-La sees all walks of life, but in the end everyone has a job on board the ship. Be sure to think about what your role may be beyond blasting pirates or rival smugglers. This ship is a buisness, so you have to pull your weight. Two of the roles that are vacant at the beginning of the game will quickly be filled by NPC Extras (The Co-Pilot and the Physician). The rest can be seen in the Crew section of the ship page.

Character Creation

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