Complete Skill List


Athletics (see below) Persuasion
Boating Piloting
Driving Repair
Fighting Riding
Gambling Shooting
Intimidation Stealth
Investigation Streetwise
Knowledge (see below) Survival
Lockpicking Taunt
Medicine (see below) Throwing
Notice Tracking

The following contains a complete list of the variant skills used in the campaign, as well as a detailed list of appropriate Knowledge skills.

Athletics (Strength)

The skills Climbing and Swimming have been combined into one, streamlined skill. Any reference to either of the former skills should now redirect to Athletics, including specific checks and edge requirements. Athletics may also be used in place of Strength for determining jump checks.

Medicine (Smarts)

Healing is replaced by the Medicine skill. Medicine functions exactly the same in regards to the healing rules on pg. 78 SWD. The skill also includes the knowledge of medical sciences, including general medicine, physiology, pathology, and even surgery.

Knowledge (Smarts)

Given the nearly endless possibilities of Knowledge focuses, it helps to have a definitive list, allowing a character to be more effective during gameplay. The following is a list of useful Knowledge specializations for use in the campaign. As with the rules presented in SWD, characters are free to choose more specialized focuses than the options presented here.

This is the knowledge of navigating through hyperspace, and the operation of a ship’s FTL drive. A crutial skill for traversing the galaxy. For more on Astrogation, see page 42 [SFC]

Battle represents a comprehensive understanding of troop movements and formation, as well as the ability to “read” the ebb and flow of large skirmishes. This is a critical skill for any tactical minded character.

This focus covers complex, software manipulation and detailed information input…basically anything with programming and coding.. For the most part this skill is used when doing complex tasks on a personal computer or similar device, but other uses of the skill are possible.

This is the knowledge of high explosives and the process for arming (and disarming) them. This may not be a skill that surfaces very regularly, but one that you don’t want to be caught without in the wrong situation.

Electronics includes everything from digital equipment interfaces to starship controls. The most basic and routine procedures don’t require a role (like activating a door), but more complex or strenuous task will (like using a ship’s sensors).

There has been vast scores of information lost in the wake of the Twilight Wars. Yet as the Great Races have returned to power, knowledge has been interspersed through the galaxy, slowly rebuilding historical knowledge. History may provide the answer to surviving many of the trials the galaxy is destined to face.

Law is a funny thing in the Twilight Imperium. One planet’s customs may be quite different from another’s. Then there is the body of law governed by the galactic council that covers the galactic whole. Understanding this infrastructure could be the difference between life and death.

Given the fact that there are numerous fields of scientific study, and that Twilight Imperium is far from being “hard” science fiction, this broad range of knowledge has been condensed into one simplified skill.


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