It is a time of exploration and expansion in the galaxy. After centuries of peace and dormancy from the fallout of the Twilight Wars, the major players of the Imperium are finally returning to power. Yet, as the galaxy churns in the wake of this age of revitalization, some struggle to find their place among an ever-changing universe. Many ally themselves with greater powers, sharing both successes and failures. Others strive to find their own way, determined to stay free and unrestricted among the stars. This is the story of one such ship, and the crew that would grow to call her home.

Welcome to the Twilight Imperium: Shangri-La Homepage!

Twilight Imperium is a Savage Worlds campaign setting inspired by the Twilight Imperium Board Game by Christian T. Peterson and distributed by Fantasy Flight Games. This website is the product of fan-made fiction, with no copyright infringement intended. For more information on the Twilight Imperium Board Game and other great products, be sure to visit the Fantasy Flight website at

Required materials for this campaign include:

  • Savage Worlds: Deluxe [SWD]
  • Savage Worlds: Science Fiction Companion [SFC]
    Various edges, hindrances and other additions may be included from other supplements.

For campaign rules and information be sure to visit the Wiki. If you’re ready to get started creating your crew member, go to Character Creation.

Twilight Imperium: Shangri-La

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