Uhlan 21c

Emergingly Intelligent Robot Assassin


“Rescued” from the infected KT planet, Designation Uhlan-21c joined the crew of the Shangri-La. The crew knew they were getting a skilled robot marksman but they knew little of Uhlan’s other talents.

Physical Description: Externally, Uhlan is no more outstanding than a standard service droid. His superior programming and modifications are hidden beneath unassuming dark copper plating. There is something unsettling about Uhlan’s eyes, however. They don’t


Uhlan-21c was created as an aspect of Ibna Vel Sed. He remembers little of his past or of the part he plays in the Reclamation. He spent time as an elite sleeper agent protecting the Nexus on the planet KT. Upon reconnecting with Tahl, another piece of the Reclamation, Uhlan’s latent abilities reemerged.

Uhlan’s weapon skills are nigh unmatched. He is programmed for deadly accuracy with any size gun. Uhlan is heavily modified to allow him to seek targets, approach, and eliminate them undetected. It’s clear that Uhlan was a valuable offensive tool that Ibna Vel Sed could dispatch against foes of the Reclamation, but Uhlan does not know who, what, or how many he has killed in his service.

Uhlan 21c

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