The Shangri-La is a modified Horrizon Class light freighter, owned and captained by Arleigh Mitchell.


The Crew:

Captain: Arleigh Mitchell
First Mate: Kara Rowan
Pilot: Victor Barnes
Co-Pilot: Pending
Mechanic: Scraps
Asst. Mechanic Konda
Physician: Pending
Specialists: Hope Lockheart , Caleb Romanenkov

Medium Starship: Size 8, Acc/TS 55/700, Climb 2, Toughness 25(6), Crew 5, Cargo 6
Notes: AI, Atmospheric, Crew Space (2), FTL Drive, Planetary Sensor Suite, Shields, Speed (2)
Weapons: 2 Dual Linked Light Cannons
+1 to hit; 2d12+2 damage; range 50, 100, 200; RoF 4; shots 100; Notes: AP 4, HW, Reaction Fire


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